Furniture Care Tips


Fine furniture can be a treasured heirloom to last for generations. The following material provides you with the information needed to care for your fine furniture for the years to come. These care tips will keep your furniture looking its best.






Wood Furniture

  • Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, which will fade and dry your furniture.
  • When possible, keep room temperature between 65°F and 75°F. Do not store furniture in attics, storage facilities or moving vans that are not climate controlled. 
  • When moving furniture, avoid extreme changes in temperature. If it’s hot or cold outside, allow furniture to acclimate by gradually adjusting heat or air conditioning inside. 
  • Use coasters under glasses and cups to prevent damage from moisture or heat, and use care when moving anything on a wood top. 
  • Prevent scratches by placing protective felt disks under lamps and accessories. If you choose to use a piece of glass on top of a chest or dresser, place felt disks between the glass and the wood to allow for air circulation. 
  • Be aware that some rubber or plastic feet on trivets and other accessories can damage wood finishes. 
  • Clean furniture with lightly dampened, but not wet, dust cloths. You should not see moisture on furniture after dusting. 
  • Dust in the direction of the grain pattern. 
  • Do not use spray furniture waxes, polishes, or oils, which can cloud the finish. If you wish to use a furniture polish of any kind, consult first with professionals at the store where you purchased your furniture. 


  • Because the brass hardware on your fine furniture has a protective finish to prevent tarnishing, an occasional dusting is all that is necessary.
  • Do not use alcohol, ammonia or other cleansers on your hardware. 
  • If you wish to polish your hardware, first consult your furniture retailer for a quality brass polish, the remove the hardware from the piece before polishing. 


  • Although stone is strong, it needs to be protected from breakage, liquids, sunlight and temperature extremes. 
  • Use coasters for wet glasses or hot cups. 
  • Place felt disks under lamps and accessories.
  •  Do not store stone top on end. Stone should be stored flat with nothing heavy placed on its top. If you’re moving, have movers create the top in a cushioned wood frame and lay it flat during transport. 
  • To clean, dust with a lightly moistened, soft, clean cloth. 
  • If you wish to use a marble polish, consult your furniture retailer first.

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